PG certificate for Nepali movie ‘Jhamak Bahadur’

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Wednesday August 1, 2018

Kathmandu : Censor Board of Nepal has given a clean cheat to the Nepali movie Jhamak Bahadur. The movie was supposed to be released  in 18th of Shrawan.

The movie makers were asked to mute some of the dialogues that were not suitable in the context of Nepal. The movie is all about gold smuggling and kidnapping.

The movie is given a PG (parental guidance) certificate as well. Children under 16 years of old can watch this movie with their parents.

Talking to, after receiving a clean cheat from the Censor Board of Nepal,  the movie director Bhuvan Katuwal and producer Kumar Tamang shared their happiness. Katuwal added that none of the scenes of the movie has been deleted. However, some dialogues have been asked to mute.

In the name of collecting audience some of the movie makers have been following some odd trends in Nepal. And receiving complaints from the audience and parents, Censor Board of Nepal keeps a vigil eyes during the screening of movies.


Published on Wednesday August 1, 2018


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