Ramkahani trailer released

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Friday August 3, 2018

The trailer of the much waited movie Ram Kahani has been released. We can see Pooja sharma, Aakash shrestha,Kedar prashad Ghimire,Jitu Nepal, Wilson Bikram Rai,Rabindra jha,rajaram Poudel,Shishir rana,Bishal Pahari,Sunita Shrestha Thakur,Shovit Basnet in the movie.

The trailer of the movie is really entertaining and it has left audience with confusion and much more curiosity. Since the movie was said to be a love story but the trailer is quiet confusing. It is a love horror and suspense movie. The movie is slated to release on Bhadra 22.

The producer of the movie is  Pooja Sharma. She speaks out her mind and sometime this also creates a lot of trouble for the actress. She has been dragged in controversy for so many times because of this habit as well. The actress is also known for being too frank. The movie is directed by Sudarshan Thapa. Watch video to know more…


Published on Friday August 3, 2018


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