Veg Biryani recipe

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Friday August 3, 2018

Here in the video we have a very simple recipe of making veg biryani that is also in a pressure cooker. It is a very easy step and we can make a tasty and restaurant look alike biryani in our own kitchen. For this we will need some vegetables, paneer, ghee, and a pressure cooker. Heat the pressure cooker and add some oil on it.

First of all we are going to fry some chopped onion until it gets golden red color. Now take it out and add some chopped paneer on the same cooker with the same oil. Then fry it and again take it out and fry the mix veggies like carrot,Potato and cauli flower.

Then again take it out and add some more oil in the pressure cooker. It is very simple method and anyone can make it very easily with the following instruction. Watch video to know more…

Published on Friday August 3, 2018


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