Rekha and Dipa says once more, when Ashok and AR sing a song.

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Sunday August 5, 2018

Kathmandu: There are many talented artist in Nepal. Ashok Darji is one of them. He is currently active in social media.


Ashok Darji is such a child who walked in the street some time ago but now he is not less than a celebrity who has created a storm on YouTube. His first recorded song is ‘Man Binako Dhan Thulo Ki Dhan Binako Man.’


He is from poor family but became star in social media. Ashok Darji has given a live presentation in many countries. He is going to be performing soon in the US. Recently, Ashok had reached the journalist birthday with musician Tanka Budhathoki and his son A.R Budhathoki.


In the birthday of journalist Prakash Subedhi, Actress Rekha Thapa had become emotional, when they singing the song.

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Published on Sunday August 5, 2018


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