Pramod’s message to Aayushman

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Sunday August 5, 2018

Here in the video we have an interview with actor Pramod who has given a controversial scene with Actress Priyanka Karki. She has again grabbed the headline for giving a bold scene in a song of her next movie Katha Kathmandu. One of the songs from the movie has been released in which Priyanka has given a bold scene.

She is the most admired and successful actress of present time who have a big part in bringing Nepali Films in today’s date. She is the most busy actress in present time an there might be only few films or songs that will not have her.

The actress has always been vocal about living her life as per her wish. The actress says that she loves what she is doing and she will not stop for any one’s sake after all it is a peace place for her and will do the films and appear in as possible screen until she is fine and can work. Watch video to know more…

Published on Sunday August 5, 2018


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