Passed +2 at age of 40 years but do not see the campus.

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Sunday August 5, 2018

Kathmandu: Sita Nepali of Pokhara has been married at the age of 15 years. Due to the economic problem, she had to leave her study at class 8. After one years of married she had born a daughter.


Despite the desire of reading and educating, she could not read because of family bond and financial problem. At the age of 24, she had to given birth to four children. But She continuous her desire of reading.


Later, she passed private SLC with the help of her husband. Before passing the SLC, she had a job in Piane Campus in Pokhara. After 15 years, she admitted at class 11.


She admitted college at 2068 B.C, but she did not see the college. She had to passed +2 after seven years.


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Published on Sunday August 5, 2018


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