Never keep these six things in your bedroom.

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Monday August 6, 2018

Kathmandu: It should be a lot to pay attention to making life prosperous. The bedroom of which considered to be important. Never does these six mistakes in the bedroom. These mistakes lead to unbelief among those who sleep in that room.


  1. Guests at home should be kept in a guest house or dining room. It is not good to bring all people to your bedroom. There comes a negative net energy from the bed, which leads to a split in the husband’s wife.


  1. Some people like to put wash basin in their room. But this decreases the trust between husband and wife. If wash basin is open in your room, close it with curtain.


  1. Do not apply glass in your bed room. This is considered very bad. That’s breaks peace between husband and wife.


4.  Never keep thorny plants or flowers in bedroom. If you want to keep it, keep two flower pots with beautiful flowers.


5. Never keep slippers under a bed. Doing this improves the bad luck.


6.Other thing that do not keep to be bedroom are electrical device. These items should never be kept in bedroom.

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Published on Monday August 6, 2018


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