While checking Unita’s bag.

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Tuesday August 7, 2018

Kathmandu: Unita Khatri has won the crown of Miss World Diversity, organized in Dubai. From more than 100 competitors in Nepal, she was chosen as Nepal’s representative on the basis of online interview.

In a conversation with a media, she talks about how did she win the crown of Miss World Diversity and share her experience. She is working in media and also works in Nepali movie ‘Rani Mahal’.

Before winning the ‘Miss World Diversity’ she has been in a discussion with “What’s in the bag” program, which will be broadcast from the Nep TV Network. But, today in this video her bag has been checked.

Watch the video to know more:


Published on Tuesday August 7, 2018


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