Ashok and Tanka in Dhamalako Hamala

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Tuesday August 7, 2018

Kathmandu: Here in the video we have an exclusive interview with music composer, singer Tanka Budhathoki and viral boy Ashok Darji. They were invited in ‘Dhamalako Hamala’.  Tanka Budhathoki has done his best to help the kid who went viral through social media. They had a team and came forward to help the poor kid.



Here in the video we can see about their recent updatesl.  The boy is really happy and he says he is having fun and happy with everything going on. Overnight sensation Ashok has also improved a lot in his behavior; he has been nice and is going to school in Kathmandu.



The viral boy Ashok Darji is set to get his own house. The board member that was arranged for collecting money and making house for him.

Watch video to know more:

Published on Tuesday August 7, 2018


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