Pramod Kharel’s new song ‘Chhadi Gayeu Nisthuri Malai’

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Wednesday August 8, 2018

Kathmandu: The modern singer Pramod Kharel has brought a new modern song. The title of this song is ‘Chhadi Gayeu Nisthuri Malai’.


This song has shoot in beautiful place of Itahari and Morang. Salik Oli is composed this song which is arranged by Sandip Karki. This song is based on love.


Rohit Ghimire, Puja Dahal and Binod Ghimire have acted in this music video. This video is presented by Parikala Media and directed by Suwas Sankalpa.


The video has shoot by Suman Tamang and edited by Pawan Susling.

Please click the video to watch more:

Published on Wednesday August 8, 2018


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