Bharatpur Hospital to run specialist services

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Sunday August 12, 2018

Ratnanagar : Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health and Population Upendra Yadav has promised to upgrade Bharatpur Hospital as one of the finest hospitals by launching specialist services.

At an interaction programme organized by the hospital in Chitwan on Sunday, Yadav said the state-of-the-art services would be developed though it could not be maintained as the central hospital.

He said that BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital and Bharatpur Hospital could move ahead in a collaborated fashion in regard to the medical education.

On the occasion, the Deputy Prime Minister directed the officials to retrieve the land of the hospital given for lease. “Hospital’s development should be made by planning for next 4 and 5 decades. You have to retrieve the land leased by considering the same factor,” he directed.

Published on Sunday August 12, 2018


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