Nepali movie ‘Dal Bhat Tarkari’ announcement

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Wednesday August 15, 2018

Kathmandu: After the success of movie Shatrugate, the Maha jodi are all set to comeback with their next movie Dal Bhat Tarkari. The team is coming back with slight changes with actors with the demand of the story. This time we will see Barsha Raut, Pushpa Khadka, Priyanka Karki, in the movie along with Maha jodi.


The movie will be directed by Sudan KC who is son of Kiran KC. Recently a press meet was organized to announce the movie in Bricks café. In the video we can see the actors of the movie interacting with the media person and talking about their roles and how they were into this project.


MaHa made their comeback in silver screen with ‘Shatrugate’ after seventeen years and that movie was a blockbuster hit. Many other comedian actors like Dipak Dipa, Shiva Hari Poudyal were part of the movie along with Paul and Aanchal.

Watch the video for detail information:

Published on Wednesday August 15, 2018


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