Actress Yuna Upreti pregnant (video)

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Thursday August 16, 2018

Kathmandu: A former actress of Nepali Film Industry, Yuna Upreti has given information that she is about to become a mother. Her pregnancy is now running in the 25th week.


Sometimes ago, a lot of discussions were surfaced related to another Nepali actress Nisha Adhikari over her arrival in the US. Adhikari had given birth to a baby boy in the US. But the cases of Nisha and Yuna Upreti becoming mother in the US is different. The former actress Yuna has been living in the US for a long time, but actress Nisha reached America to give birth to her children only after she was pregnant.


Five years ago, Yuna flew to America for a cultural program and started living there. At that time she was in love with Bikash Adhikari who was doing PhD in biochemistry.


Although her real name is Yamuna Upreti, she is known as Yuna in the film industry. Before leaving to America, she had played many Nepali movies.

Watch the video to know more:


Published on Thursday August 16, 2018


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