Potatoes remove dark spots of face

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Sunday August 19, 2018

Kathmandu: Potato mixes with any vegetable and it can be prepared as various items. Potatoes are good for not only vegetables but also for skin. Potatoes are rich in vitamin C which is vital for maintaining skin health.


Take one potato and peel the skin then grate it using a grater and crush them in a mortar to make a paste. Now take potato paste and yogurt, mix them together to make a paste. Take a brush and apply this paste on your face. Leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes and wash off with cool water. This is extremely beneficial to get rid of facial blemishes and dark spots.


Potatoes are our natural skin lightening agent which proves to be beneficial for dark spots and even hyper pigmentation. If you have dry skin, potatoes will help give you that smooth skin in minutes and it can also removes dead skin cells on the face.

Watch the video to know more:

Published on Sunday August 19, 2018


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