Hari Bansha Aacharya at Ashok’s house

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Tuesday August 21, 2018

Kathmandu: After a long speculations and gossip, internet sensation Ashok Darji has finally moved to his new house. Legendary comedian and actor Hari Bansha Aacharya haded over the key of a house to Darji. Ashok was a talk of the nation for long time and most of the videos based on him went viral.


Videos of Ashok has changed his life drastically and there is no looking back for the poor little boy who was singing on the street for some rupees. Family members of Ashok are extremely happy as they are finally moving to their own house. This is also about the luck and how his life has changed. Tanka Budhathoki has done his best to help Ashok who went viral through social media.


They had a team and came forward to help Ashok. Here in the video we can see some of the latest update from his home. His home is decorated well and it has drawn attention of his fans. In the house they have fixed all the new stuff and is well managed.

Published on Tuesday August 21, 2018


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