Way to get rid of Gastric (video)

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Sunday August 26, 2018

Kathmandu: Various medical healths show that gastric patients suffering at night at least two times a week and this problem persist until the next day.


Today’s lifestyles, work till night, late sleeping, fat, alcohol and smoking increase the problem of acidity. If it is ignored, problems like ulcer and cancer can come. The following measures can be adopted to avoid acidity.


-Do not sleep from right side. It produces excessive digestive acids in the stomach.

-Keep away from late night party, alcohol and drink.

-Before sleeping, do not eat cold drinks, chocolate and coffee.

-Do not eat tomatoes, vinegar and sour fruit in the evening meal.

-Eat fennel and cloves after eating.

-Drink cold milk. This reduces acidity.

-Do not eat heavy and spicy food in the evening.

-Eat 3-4 hours before sleeping in the evening.

-Eat banana, it contains natural antioxidants.

-Eat a light meal in the evening.


Watch the video to know more:



Published on Sunday August 26, 2018


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