Eagle ray gives birth despite not having contact with male (Video)

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Friday August 31, 2018

Agency: An incredible immaculate conception has occurred at one of Australia’s top aquariums.


Freckle, a female eagle stingray, has given birth to a baby despite not having contact with a male for nine years.The amazing news has come out from Sydney’s Sea Life Aquarium and fascinated Aquarius.


The 11-year-old ray, one of the park’s main attractions due to the array of white dots found on her back, threw her tail up to conventional pregnancy and instead chose to do it alone, opting for ‘parthenogenesis’ 9 News has reported.’Parthenogenesis is a very rare reproductive strategy where an embryo develops without fertilization,’ Macquarie University’s Adam Stow said.

Click the video to know more:


Published on Friday August 31, 2018


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