The little elephant that lost its trunk (Video)

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Friday September 7, 2018

Agency: A baby elephant has been spotted wandering around the plains of South Africa with a missing trunk. Fears for the calf’s safety have grown after footage showed the baby animal walking among a group of elephants in Kruger National Park without its important body part.


Safari workers said they didn’t know exactly how it had lost its iconic appendage but it was likely ripped off by a killer. They said there had been several cases of crocodiles grabbing baby elephants by their trunks as they sipped water from lakes.

Lions are also known to grip to the trunk when they attack the large animals. Another explanation was that it could’ve been caught in a trap. The body part is a fusion of an elephant’s upper lip and nose. Filled with more than 100,000 muscles, this huge appendage is both powerful and skillful.

The animals use their trunks to pick plants and fruit from trees and eat grass from the ground. They use the trunk to suck up as much as two gallons of water at a time for either drinking or cleaning itself.

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Published on Friday September 7, 2018


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