Revised News: Govt ready to amend law if anti-press provision: Minister Dhakal

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Friday September 7, 2018

Kathmandu : Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Bhanubhakta Dhakal, said the government was ready to amend the Criminal Code that came into force from August 17 if there were any provisions curtailing the press freedom.

The Law Minister’s commitment came at programme organised by the Online Journalists’ Association here today. The interaction programme focused on impact on press freedom to be caused by provisions incorporated in the Criminal Code. The new Civil Code was brought to ensure people’s rights, the Minister argued that the document would impose no restrictions on the concept of free press.

As he said ahead, the constitution of Nepal has guaranteed press freedom in its preamble and the right would not be violated from anywhere.

He urged journalists not to be morally discouraged, but work freely. He however promised to hold discussions to amend the Codes being based on a memorandum submitted by the Federation of Nepali Journalists which has expressed reservation to the provisions relating to the press.

FNJ Chair Govinda Acharya said the journalists should be allowed to work independently by wiping out ‘anti-press provisions’ in the law.

Nagarik Daily’s editor-in-chief Gunaraj Luintel was of the view of shifting press-related provisions of the Criminal Code to the Civil Code while senior journalist Kishor Nepal said no law would affect journalists guided by the principle of truth.

Karobar daily’s editor Kuber Chalise, Shukrabar Weekly’s editor KP Dhungana, online journalist Shiba Satyal and Kamal Giri demanded that the government should amend the Code and ensure an atmosphere favourable for the journalists to work freely.

Published on Friday September 7, 2018


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