White cop who shot dead her Black neighbor (Video)

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Sunday September 9, 2018

Agency: A video has been released in which a black female is shot dead. According to video report, a  black accountant is gunned down by a white policewoman after she mistakenly entered his home thinking it was hers. The Instagram recording posted by a neighbor shows a female uniformed officer crying into her phone on a path of the apartment block in south Dallas. She is heard shattering ‘oh God!’ into the phone before she dashes away out of view.


Moments later, 26-year-old Botham Jean is pulled past on a gurney as medics badly try to revive him. Four officers follow directly behind and another runs to catch up. The shooter was named on Saturday as Amber Guyger, who had worked for Dallas Police Department for four years on the Southeast Patrol Division. She is expected to be charged with murder, while no charges have yet been filed.


‘She is overcome,’ a Dallas police officer close to Guyger told Dallas News. ‘She is so, so sorry for this family.’ The officer is now being investigated by the Texas Rangers, who asked for charges to be suspended until they had examined new information that had only recently emerged.


Click the video to watch:

Published on Sunday September 9, 2018


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