North Korea celebrated 70th birthday (Video)

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Monday September 10, 2018

Agency: Kim Jong-un was pictured smiling next to a high-ranking Chinese official as North Korea stepped up its 70th anniversary celebrations on Sunday with an enormous military procession through the center of Pyongyang.


Partners of Kim Jong-un’s elite troops were pictured marching in perfect rank and file through the streets of the capital, with the nuclear missiles seen in previous years clearly absent from the occasion. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was proclaimed on September 9, 1948, three years after Moscow and Washington divided the peninsula between them in the closing days of the Second World War.


North Korea recently began trade discussions with China after the determined denuclearization plan agreed with US President Donald Trump at the Singapore Summit in June. Kim Jong-un has doubled down on efforts to increase the country’s economic stability by hosting trade talks with China and South Korea.

Click the video to watch:

Published on Monday September 10, 2018


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