Miners make incredible discovery in Australia (Video)

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Monday September 10, 2018

Agency: A $15million gold discovery could change the fate of a struggling Western Australian town. Workers at the Beta Hunt mine in Kambalda, 630km east of Perth, unearthed the gold in a ‘once in a lifetime discovery’. The gold was found about 500m from the surface in an area 3m wide and 3m high.


The detection in a town that was built on the nickel mining has been described as ‘incredibly unique’. Kambalda has been fighting for survival, with low nickel prices forcing the closure of four large mines in just three years, ABC reported. Miner Henry Dole nearly fell over when they made the discovery during a ‘business as usual’ day.


‘Everything was covered in dust, and as I watered the dirt down there was just gold everywhere, as far as you could see,’ he said. They had been ‘looking down the barrel’, for a while but the recent discovery had turned morale right around, he said. Senior geologist Zaf Thanos has called it a ‘once in a lifetime’ discovery. ‘You might go your whole life and you’ll never see anything like it,’ he said.


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Published on Monday September 10, 2018


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