Karishma Manandhar’s school life (Video)

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Tuesday September 11, 2018

Kathmandu: Here is an interview with evergreen actress Karishma  Manadhar. She is also known as the evergreen actress of Nepal. In the video we can see how Karishma spends her day. In the video we can see Karishma from her home to school to again back to home.


She wakes up at 5 am and does her regular exercise and then eats her breakfast and leaves for school. After whole day in the school she comes back and does her homework. She is trying her hard as she wants to pass her see.


The evergreen actress had shared this so many times that she wanted her daughter to make her debut in movie and finally her wish is coming true. She is one of the prettiest actresses of Nepal who is known for her beauty as well. She debuted in Nepali films at the age of 14.

Watch video to know the news in more details:

Published on Tuesday September 11, 2018


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