टंकको नयाँ गीतमा राखिएन अशोक दर्जी , टंक भन्छन्, सम्मान हो, चौथो गीतमा राजेश हमाल !

आजको खबर   |    प्रकाशित : २०७६ जेठ ३ गते ४:१०

Here in the video we have an exclusive interview with music composer Tanka Budhathoki. After massive hit of Chauriko Chamro Churpi Tanka Budhathoki is overwhelmed. He is happy that the song is getting huge appreciation in short time.

The song is nice and they have done well in the song. But in the video we can see Tanka talking about next song where Ashok won’t be part of the next song. He speaks why he is not the part of the song.   He is a young evolving talent who rose to fame through an interview and since then he has become internet sensation.


  Tanka Budhathoki has done his best to help the kid who went viral through social media. They had a team and came forward to help the poor kid. The viral boy who became internet sensation and won a lot of hearts of Nepalese. Watch video to know more….


२०७६ जेठ ३ गते ४:१० मा प्रकाशित


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