विपिन र बर्षाको प्रेमले रुवाउने जात्रै जात्रा, फिल्म भनेको यस्तो पो हो !!

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Saturday May 18, 2019

The film ‘Jatrai Jatra’ reseed from yesterday.  The movie is receiving good response. They also have good amount of shows and are really happy with everything. The audiences are really happy with the outcome of the movie and are also one of the best reviewed movies.

Unlike other sequels of movies, this is a real sequel where they have started the movie from where it was ended last time.  The movie ‘Jatrai Jatra’ features Bipin Karki, Rabindra Singh Baniya, Dayahang Rai, Barsha Raut, Rabindra Jha, Rajaram Poudel, Prakash Ghimire, Sohit Manandhar, Kalu Rana, Anshu Maharjan in the lead roles.


The story of the film is written by director Bhattarai himself. Rabindra Singh Bania is the film’s executive producer. Singe Lama and Yadav Poudel are the producers of the film. In the video we can see all of them talking about the few reviews they have received and many more interesting thing. watch video to know it in more details…

Published on Saturday May 18, 2019


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