क्यान्सको को लागि प्रियंकाको भव्य विदाई, एयरपोर्टमा यस्तो माहोल

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Monday May 20, 2019

Actress Priyanka Karki is all over the news as she is all set to making her debut in Cannes Film Festival. The actress is going to take part in the biggest film festival of the worked. In the video we can see the actress at TIA with her mother and many more people.

In the video her mother expresses her happiness over her daughter’s accomplished and how happy is she to be part of this. They are all cheering up her and are looking for her show up. Here in the video we have an exclusive interview with gorgeous actress Priyanka Karki.


She is the most admired and successful actress of present time who have a big part in bringing Nepali Films in today’s date. She is the most busy actress in present time an there might be only few films or songs that will not have her. Watch video to know more…


Published on Monday May 20, 2019


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