डाक्टरले पनि बुझ्न नसकेको यी दाजुभाइको विचित्र रोग

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Tuesday May 21, 2019

The two brothers Ramesh and Laxman Jadhav age 8 and 13 correspondingly from India, who suffer from a rare genetic disorder which has left their body ageing too swift and have baffled the medical world. They live with their parents in Pune.

Due to their condition the two brothers have faced rejection from the society where they are left with no friends and have made them prisoners in their own home. The brothers are mentally good and want to become doctors but the school doesn’t want to take the responsibility of their fragility.


Doctors in India, USA and Germany are struggling to diagnose the condition of them whereas Dr from India could help the brothers. They have problems with high cholesterol, blood pressure and arthritis. The two brothers say that they only have each other and wishes to become normal like other children.

Published on Tuesday May 21, 2019


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