कानभित्र साङलो पस्यो, डाक्टरहरुले यसरी निकाले

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Wednesday May 22, 2019

The video contains disgusting moment some people find it disturbing. In the disgusting footage we can see a cockroach strolling inside an ear of a man.  We can see cockroach roaming around while doctor is trying his best to remove it. The man had arrived at a clinic in Bar Giant Province in Vietnam claiming there was an insect inside his ear that was causing him unbearable pain.

After the doctor inspected the man, the cockroach was found crawling through his ear canal.    In the video we can clearly see how the cockroach is still surviving inside the ear of that person. It is moving. A cut can be seen on the inside of the man’s ear, possibly caused by the cockroach that continues to run around inside.  Reluctant to leave, the cockroach seems to deliberately ignore all of the doctor’s attempts to get it out. The doctor tried his all the way to take it our and after a while he succeed it. Watch video to know more..




Published on Wednesday May 22, 2019


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