राशिफल : आज बिहिबार , कस्तो छ तपाईको भाग्य ? (हेर्नुहोस् भिडियोसहित)

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Thursday May 23, 2019

Here in the video we have a horoscope for today presented by Samacharpati.com. As the Moon transits through the zodiac, it travels through the 12 signs. While in each sign it adopts a certain role in the lives of each individual and affects his or her fortune. The Rashifal catalogs Moon’s transit and its influence on the people each day.

People have faith in so many things and horoscope is also one of them. Today, 23rd May 2019/ 9th Jestha 2076, Thursday, your horoscope goes like this,

Mesh: As there will be improvements in your study your relatives would be happy. Closeness will increase in love as well as trip plan with your friends.The interest and ability to work will increase as you will get support of everyone.

Would be pleased, as your day goes out in social services as well as all will appreciate your ability.

Published on Thursday May 23, 2019


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