वर्षाको मुस्कानमा लठ्ठै नाजिर, बिना गल्ती पाए सजाय

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Friday May 24, 2019

Here in the video we have an exclusive interview with actor Najir hussaina nd Barsha Siwakoti. Their movie Bir Bikram is doing well in the theaters. In the video we can see them talking about the time they had and many interesting thing about them and during the film shooting.  It is also clashing with Jatrai Jatra which is also the sequel of blockbuster movie Jatra.

After the success of Bir Bikram, director Milan Chams is all set to bring the sequel to his super hit movie. We can see Paul Shah, Barsha Siwakoti and Najir Hussain as the lead actor of the movie. Movie Jatrai Jatra is doing amazing job whereas movie Bir Bikram is receiving mix reviews.  In the video all of them talkong about movie and many more interesting things. Najir is also known as an excellent actor while Barsha is still proving it. Watch video to know it in more details…


Published on Friday May 24, 2019


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