मिम नेपाललाई माफि दिन्न : मिलन चाम्स

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Tuesday May 28, 2019

Film maker Milan Chams has lodged a case against MeMe Nepal for defaming his movie. The director and the producer of movie Bir Bikram was very mad with one review given by one of the boy from MeMe Nepal in their YouTube channel. This time he has swear to get justice by legally taking action.

In the video he had spoke about what happened actually. The man who made that video is out of contact for now but the police will get him back to where he should be, however his identity has not been released. In the video he spoke how his review has also affected the business of his movie. He even released that the guy had blackmailed him for the advertisement. This type of practice is common in here but now he has sworn to act against it. Watch video to know more…


Published on Tuesday May 28, 2019


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