दाल भात तरकारीमा हामी चुक्यौ: किरण के.सी

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Wednesday May 29, 2019

Movie Dal Bhaat Tarkari which released from 20th of Baishakh didn’t come as per the expectation of the people. The movie collected fair amount of money but the review of the movie was not well received. In the video we can see Kiran Kc speaks about the bad review.

He lashes out to the people who are bad mouthing about the movie. They try to answer many questions regarding to the film. After the success of movie Shatrugate, the MaHa duos are all set to comeback with their next venture Dal  Bhat Tarkari.  The team is coming back with slight changes with actors with the demand of the story.


This time they have see Barsha Raut, Pushpa Khadka, Priyanka Karki in the movie along with MaHa duo. The movie was directed by Sudan KC who is also the son of Kiran KC.  Initially the movie was slated to release on Baisakh 13 but due to fear of clashing with end game they shifted their dates a week later to avoid major loss. Watch video to know more…


Published on Wednesday May 29, 2019


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