कटरिनालाइ घर जम गर्न सलमानको सुझाब !

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Wednesday May 29, 2019

When Salman was asked about an alternate career option for his co-star Katrina Kaif. After much thinking, when the host prompted that the actress is turning into a producer, he said, “She should be married and produce children.” Katrina at once intervened and clarified that the question concerns a profession like a doctor or an engineer.

“If I was not an actor what profession would I be, he’s asking.  Would I be a doctor, would I be an engineer?” To this Salman responded saying that both marriage and kids require a lot of work. This answer by Salman Khan was again wrong on various levels.


First, it was insulting for Katrina because Salman Khan indirectly said that the actress was not capable of doing anything other than acting or dancing. Second, it was disrespectful for all working women who are married and are mothers. What Salman Khan’s comment indicated was that women who have kids do not pursue their careers and spend their time parenting them.

Published on Wednesday May 29, 2019


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