बिश्वका केही डरलाग्दा एयरपोर्टहरु

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Thursday May 30, 2019

Technologies have made the world smaller. In the video we have one of the best inventions of human and that is Airplane. In the video we can see some of the dangerous airport of the world. Due to some physical feature there are some disadvantages and we will know in more depth about it. Here we have the list of it,

The Lukla Airport in Nepal serves as the main airport for those visiting Mt. Everest. Part of what makes this airport so difficult to land in is how it is nestled in between mountains and the incredibly short length of the runway. In fact, the whole terminal is quite small.


There are no lights and little electric power, so landing in anything other than perfect conditions becomes even riskier. Princess Juliana Airport which is located in Saint Maarten is perhaps the most famous on the list, most notable for the public beach situated just before the runway.

Published on Thursday May 30, 2019


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