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AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Sunday June 2, 2019

Our mouth becomes bitter when we remember the name of bitter gourd. However, it has many health benefits. It is the best food for the patient of sugar.

It contains maximum amount of phosphorous, which helps in the digestion system and it also makes you hungry. Here are some of the ways to consume bitter gourd by the patient of high sugar:

Most of the people are suffering from high sugar. Bitter gourd is the best vegetable for the patient of sugar. The patient of sugar should drink the 1/4 juice of bitter gourd along with the same quantity of juice of carrot.

It is also very healthy for the patient of sugar to consume the vegetable of bitter gourd once a week. However, the bitter gourd should not be cooked on oil. The consumption of bitter gourd, which is cooked on oil, has no benefits on human beings.

The bitter gourd can also be consumed by boiling 1 milliliter of water and mixing 50 grams of bitter gourd in the water. By drinking the water also helps the patient of high sugar.


Published on Sunday June 2, 2019


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