भिडियोमा हेर्नुहोस इटलीको माउण्ट एट्ना ज्वालामुखी पहाडको अद्भूत दृश्य

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Sunday June 2, 2019

Beautiful eruption of Mount Etna in Italy: On Friday, Mount Etna in Italy gave a spectacular view of volcano and gifting the world with the new eruption. Italy’s Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, is spewing ash and lava once again.

Etna is a known as the popular tourist destination and its eruptions. It’s a great view to watch at night. The officials say the activity is taking place at its summit and does not damage a life of the people. Etna began a new phase of eruptions on Thursday as new cracks in the volcano opened up, sending lava down its flank.


The volcano was previously erupted in December and spanked minor shake which gave damage to the some buildings. According to the experts, the two eruptive fractures opened at around 03:00 after an intensification of seismic activity earlier in this week. The volcano’s activity is not threatening the local population, as it is confined to the summit area of Mount Etna.

Published on Sunday June 2, 2019


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