हेर्नुहोस सगरमाथाको जाम, जिम्मेबार निकाएको बेवास्थाले गर्दा संसार भर आलोचना (भिडियो )

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Monday June 3, 2019

Traffic jams on Everest: On Monday, in Kathmandu Nepal, a photo that was captured last week by Nepali mountaineer Nirmal Purja Magar showed a continuous line of hundreds of climbers on the summit of the Everest. All mountaineers trying to take the advantage of a narrow space of a good weather. The image went viral all over the social media.

The instant debate appeared about weather mountain is too crowded and facing a difficultly. The crowded conditions on Everest are a somewhat routine part of the climb. Kami Rita Sherpa who climbs the Mount Everest better than anyone else, and has summated the world’s tallest peak 24 times, more than any person in the history.


Some companies and experts have blamed the deaths on growing crowds and inexperienced, slow climbers where people spend more time in the mountain’s “death zone.” One Indian climber who lost two of her climbing-mates this year told the Associated Press that Nepal should bring the “inexperienced” Everest tourists off the mountain.


Whereas Sherpa addresses the problem differently: “There’s a lot of news writing that in traffic jams, people are dying,” Sherpa said. “That is not true!” He said confined conditions are not to be blamed for the 11 deaths, but instead, he said, some Everest climbers unintentionally push their bodies past their limits.

Published on Monday June 3, 2019


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