बस चालकले आफ्नो ज्यानको परवाह नगरी यसरि बचाईन बालकको ज्यान

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Tuesday June 4, 2019

Hero bus driver saves six year old from wandering into the traffic. On May 15, Milwaukee bus driver Cecilia Nation- Garden stopped the bus as she noticed a kid wandering around the traffic. She honked the horn to grab the attention of the other drivers but the cars continued to move around.

The little boy, who has a disability, had wandered out of his school and was now walking riskily down the center of the road as cars were speeding by. That’s when the bus driver got into action to save the little kid. The Nation-Gardner was caught screaming as she runs from her bus into the traffic to take the kid along with her.


She takes the boy’s hand and walks him back into her bus and informs the police immediately. Milwaukee Country Transit System cameras captured the entire incident, as well as the moment police officers arrive to the bus, tying the little boy’s shoes before taking him away to his family. She had stopped the bus stop at her regular time the Nation-Gardner said that the “It was meant for me to be there,”.

Published on Tuesday June 4, 2019


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