इन्डिया पड्न गएकी सेड्रिन ४ महिनापछि फर्किन नेपालमा

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Friday June 7, 2019

Here in the video we have an exclusive interview with child artist Sedrina Sharma. In the video she answers 80 questions. The child artist who made her debut in Nai Nabhannu La 5 is all set to go back to India for her higher studies.

She is in Nepal for her short vacation as she is studying in India. She did an amazing job in the movie and is taken as a next star of Nepali film industry as she has potential to be an actress. She has also appeared in few music videos.


In the video she talks about future plans, she was seen being senti as she is travelling to India for her further studies. She will leave Nepal in a week as her rest of schooling will be done in India. She also spoke about her work and the music videos she has done. Watch video to know more…

Published on Friday June 7, 2019


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