ऋषि धमलाले मेरो छोरीको पनि हात छैन भन्दा रोकिएन कसैको आँसु

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Tuesday June 11, 2019

Here in the video we can see Rishi Dhamala taling in an event. He attended an event organized for Megha Ghimire. In the event he talked about the people who helped her and thanked and praised everyone who supported her. He also spoke about his own daughter who has a little problem in her hands. He got emotional while talking about it.

He is not a new name for audience of Television, radio and online as he has been into controversy and rumors time and again. Rishi Dhamala is happily married with model turned actress Aliza Gautam who also had debuted last year as an actress in Nepali film industry also as a producer in the same movie ‘AnuRaag’.


They have a daughter and a son as well. In the video we can see Aliza talking about their movie and their journey so far. They also talk about their marriage and how their life is going on. Aliza also opened up about having a very busy husband and many more things. Watch video to know more…

Published on Tuesday June 11, 2019


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