दारीमा मुन्द्रे छ माया छपक्कमा मुन्द्रेको नयाँ लुक

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Monday July 1, 2019

After the success of series movie Dipak and Dipa are all set to come back. This time they are changing their pattern as we have already seen in press meet. Here in the video we can see actor Jitu Nepal in his exclusive look for the movie. Their next venture has been named as Chha Maya Chapakka which will be directed by Dipen Lama.

They had already organized a press meet to announce the movie. They are all excited for the project and the final casting has not been made yet, however actress Keki Adhikari has been introduced in the lead. AS always we will see Magne Buda, Mundre and Dipak Raj giri in the movie.


Number 6 has never been part from their project ever since they started making movies. They believe this has brought them luck and will continue to take this as blessing since it has proved to be right for them since the Chha Ekan Chha. These is their fifth venture with the number and are really excited. Watch video to know more……

Published on Monday July 1, 2019


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