लामो समाए पछि राजेश हमाल र करिस्मा एक साथ्, आउन बसम चौतारीमा (भिडियो)

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Monday September 30, 2019

After a long time we can see sizzling chemistry of veteran actor Rajesh Hamal and evergreen actress Karishma Manandhar in a music video. Aauna Basam Chautarima is a beautiful song by Bhim Chapagain and Melina Rai.

The music of the song is composed by Dipak Sharma and he is also the lyricist of the song. In the video we can see Rajesh Hamal and Karishma Manadhar flirting and dancing. The two were a hit couple of one time and they were loved by the audience.


It will be a great present for their fan to see them together in a music video after a long time. Both of them have now stopped working in movies however they are busy with their own stuff. It’s been long break for tem from the movies and this song is definitely a treat for someone who like to see them on screen. Watch video to know more…

Published on Monday September 30, 2019


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