13 Myagdi youths en route to the US illegally stranded in Nigeria

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Monday July 16, 2018

Beni, Myagdi: Thirteen youths of Myagdi who had decided to follow middlepersons after paying a huge amount with a hope of entering the United States of America illegally have been reportedly stranded in Nigeria.

As per the information given by youths of Arman of Mangala Rural Municipality-5, 23 Nepalis including 13 from Myagdi have been reportedly held captive at a hotel based in Lagos in Nigeria. They had reached the (west) African country some 22 months ago via India and Thailand as per the plans of their agents.

One of the alleged victims from Nigeria said on the condition of anonymity that Nepali middlemen are also involved in their captivity.

The incident came to light after one of the youths was succeed in making contact with his family. They have reportedly paid around Rs 3.5 million each to agents who promised to take them to the US.

The police have arrested a Nepali agent. Efforts were underway to get additional information about the matter, said a person from Myagdi living in the USA quoting the family. The route which Nepalis take for an entry into the USA is risky, he said.

Nepali middlepersons are stationed in various countries like Nepal, India and Thailand whom the Nepalis heading to the USA have to pay for covering a fixed distance. After reaching Mexico passing through various 12 countries like India, Brazil, Ethiopia, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, dense forests and seas, agents demand money charged for covering the way as a last setting.

Of late, Countries like Bolivia, Panama and Mexico have become an attraction for foreign employment where agents send Nepalis to work in hotels.

The youths in captivity have demanded money from their families. The number of people paying at least Rs 5 million for a job in the USA is higher. RSS

Published on Monday July 16, 2018


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