Unable to pay blood money, Limbu stuck in Saudi Arabia

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Wednesday August 1, 2018

Kathmandu : A Nepali migrant worker has been stuck in Saudi Arabia as he is unable to pay the blood money to the authority there.

Prashant Limbu of Buddhashanti Rural Municipality-4 in Jhapa district was working as a driver at Karam Al Khaleej for Block and Precast Plant.

Limbu had flown to Saudi Arabia as a driver of heavy vehicles through Rove International Manpower Ltd some two years ago albeit without driving license.

His employment company entrusted him the responsibility of driving without license. Later, Limbu was held accountable for a road accident in which a local had died.

A car being driven by a local had accidently hit the wheel of the heavy vehicle from the back that Limbu was operating.

Later the court found Limbu guilty of the local’s death and ordered him to pay Rs 4 million in blood money and slapped him an 8-month imprisonment.

Limbu, who was paid little salary, has not been able to pay the blood money and thus stuck in Saudi Arabia. He is currently working as a machine operator in a different company.

He lamented, “I nagged the employment company to help me obtain driving license. They turned deaf ear to my plea and I continued with driving. Later in the road accident, I was found guilty for illegally driving the vehicle and knocking down the car.”

According to him, he was forced to operate vehicles without license by the employers.

Limbu wants to return home and start everything afresh but he said he could not afford to pay the blood money.

So he has been appealing to the Good Samaritans as well as the concerned authorities to support him in clearing the payment of blood money. His spouse, Kamala Limbu, has been seeking for every possible support from the agencies of foreign employment returnees and the man power company among others.

Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee, a committee to support Nepali migrant workers in difficulty, has opened an account in Global IME Bank and urged those willing to support for the cause of Limbu. Anyone can deposit whatever amount they could at A/C no 39010100000409. The account is maintained at Anamnagar Branch and the swift code is GLBBNPKA.

Published on Wednesday August 1, 2018


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