BIMSTEC to be instrumental in addressing contemporary issues

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Friday August 24, 2018

Kathmandu : The imminent BIMSTEC summit in Kathmandu is expected to be instrumental to address the relevant issues of mutual interests of the member states.

It is also argued that development of BIMSTEC as a dynamic bridge between the south Asia and southeast Asia could be in the benefit of the people in the region.

At a talk programme on ‘BIMSTEC: Connecting South and Southeast Asia’ organized by Centre for South Asian Studies in Kathmandu on Friday, Foreign Minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali said the importance of BIMSTEC lies in connecting these two regions for the shared benefit and prosperity of the peoples of the Bay of Bengal region.

“BIMSTEC is well positioned to make notable contributions towards advancing regional connectivity, linking SAARC and ASEAN. For a landlocked country like Nepal, BIMSTEC carries more significance. It bears the prospects for propelling economic growth by connecting the hinterlands of the Himalayas to the ports of Bay of Bengal,” the Minister argued.

He however said BIMSTEC has not been able to live up to the expectations of the peoples of this region even after 20 years of its establishment. It is yet to make substantial progress in the issues of mutual interest such as trade and transit facility, physical and digital connectivity, infrastructure, and realization of free trade area. The peoples of this region are earnestly expecting BIMSTEC to deliver, he reminded.

“It is my firm conviction that we must work together with the concerted efforts to make BIMSTEC a deliverable organization. It’s high time we channelized our means and efforts towards implementing what we have agreed on. We must also stay focused and committed to develop new concrete actions to steer the BIMSTEC process more effectively,” he asserted.

Published on Friday August 24, 2018


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