सेल रोटि बनाउने सबैभन्दा सजिलो तरिका (भिडियो)

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Friday October 25, 2019

Here in the video we can see a receipe to make sel roti. Sel roti is a Nepali traditional homemade, sweet, ring-shaped rice bread/doughnut. It is mostly prepared during Dashain and Tihar, widely celebrated Hindu festivals in Nepal and Darjeeling a part of India and also it is served hot with tea at the morning.

Here are the necessary ingredients to make Sel Roti: all night soaked rice, sugar, ghee, copper vessel specially used for pouring sel, and if your don’t have vessel available then you can also used coke bottles by cutting, pan for making sel roti. Now let’s begin.


First we will prepare batter for sel roti. Pour soaked rice in a grinder and add ghee and sugar to taste and add some water and grind it well. The mixture or the batter should not be so thin. After grinding, pour it in a bowl and leave aside for 20 minutes.


Published on Friday October 25, 2019


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