Speaker should strike balance in the parliament – NC

AajakoKhabar   |    Published on Friday August 3, 2018

Kathmandu : Main opposition Nepali Congress held a discussion on the incident that occurred in the House of Representatives on Thursday.

NC Chief Whip Balkrishna Khand shared that the meeting discussed the opposition parliamentarians were not allowed to ask questions to the sitting ministers.

NC had walked out of the parliament on Thursday for not allowing its lawmakers to grill Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa.

Talking to media after the parliamentary party meeting, Khand said, “The Speaker of the House of Representatives did not allow us to articulate our expression. The parliament regulation has the provision that the parliamentarians can ask questions to the ministers after latter’s statement in the parliament.”

With the prolonging of the parliamentary party meeting, Chief Whip Khand had informed Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara over phone that the NC lawmakers could not be present at today’s parliamentary meeting.

With this information from the chief whip, today’s meeting of the parliament was postponed serving a notice.

Khand shared that the NC would further discuss with the Speaker. “The Speakers should perform as a common figure. He should conduct parliamentary meeting by accommodating both the ruling and opposition sides,” he added.

NC discussed to table a public importance motion and resolution proposal in the Parliament. Also discussed in the meeting were matters related to the laws to be formulated for the execution of constitutionally-guaranteed fundamental rights.

Published on Friday August 3, 2018


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